Bamboo Forest, Kyoto

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Bamboo Forest Kyoto

Bamboo Forest in Kyoto Arashiyama is your main destination for the trip in Arashiyama area. Also known as Chikurin No Michi, this is a 400 meter long road with bamboos all around you can see.

During the Heian period, the surrounding area was a villa for aristocrats. The bamboo is used to manufacture products such as masket and boxes, these are local speciality that you can hand out to your friends as a souvenir.

Kyoto’s Nature

bamboo, bamboo forest, kyoto,

The road can be walked with free of charge, the forest is a symbol of Kyoto’s nature.

The light wind blows through the calm road; at night the road illuminated with light bulbs all around the place which gives a second face.

Access to Bamboo Forest


JR Sanyin Honsen
“Soga Arashiyama” Station, 17 minutes walk.

Sogano Kanko Line
“Torokko Arashiyama” Station, 3 minutes walk.

Keifuku Dentetsu
“Arashiyama” Station, 12 minutes walk.


Kyoto City bus 11 230 yen per ride
From Sanjyo Get off at “Nonomiya”

Kyoto City Bus 28 230 yen per ride
From Kyoto Station Get off at “Nonomiya”

Kyoto Bus 62 230 yen
From Sanjyo Get off at “Nonomiya”

Kyoto Bus 92/94 230 yen
From Hankyu Arashiyama Get off at “Nonomiya”


GS Park Arashiyama Parking
Weekdays: 10 minutes / 100 yen
Weekends: 20 minutes / 300 yen
Credit card OK


Business Hour24 hours


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