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Introduction Shirakawa-go is a picturesque village nestled in the foothills of the Japanese Alps. It is known for its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses, which are characterized by

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Prefectures & Locations

  • Hokkaido – Japan’s scenic northern wilderness.
  • Aomori – Northern Japan’s cultural hub.
  • Iwate – Rural charm in northeastern Japan.
  • Akita – Land of hot springs and rich traditions.
  • Yamagata – Picturesque landscapes in northeastern Japan.
    • Ginzan Onsen – Picturesque hot spring town with traditional architecture.
  • Miyagi – Coastal beauty and vibrant city.
  • Fukushima – Historical landmarks, scenic nature.
  • Tokyo – Metropolitan buzz, cultural melting pot.
    • Shinjuku – Thriving urban hub with vibrant nightlife.
    • Ginza – Luxurious shopping district renowned for elegance.
    • Shinagawa – Modern transport hub with business and leisure amenities.
    • Tokyo Skytree – Iconic tower offering breathtaking city views.
    • Tokyo Tower – Historic landmark with panoramic city panoramas.
    • Shibuya – Fashionable district famous for trendy youth culture.
    • Marunouchi – Central business district with elegant architecture.
    • Odaiba – Futuristic island with entertainment and shopping.
    • Toyosu – Modern waterfront district with bustling fish market.
    • Tachikawa – Suburban area with parks and cultural attractions.
  • Kanagawa – Seaside escapes, cultural attractions.
    • Yokohama – Vibrant port city with rich cultural heritage.
    • Kamakura/Enoshima – Serene coastal towns offering beauty and tranquility.
    • Kawasaki – Dynamic city blending industry and entertainment.
  • Chiba – Coastal retreat, Tokyo proximity.
  • Saitama – Urban charm, vibrant culture.
  • Tochigi – Picturesque landscapes, cultural heritage.
    • Nikko – Sacred shrines, natural beauty.
  • Gunma – Hot springs, mountainous terrain.
  • Ibaraki – Agricultural heartland, historical sites.
  • Aichi – Prefecture known for heritage and industrial prowess.
    • Nagoya – Cosmopolitan city with rich history and culinary delights.
  • Shizuoka – Scenic prefecture with stunning coastlines and Mount Fuji.
    • Mount Fuji – Iconic volcanic peak symbolizing Japan’s natural beauty.
    • Numazu – Coastal city famous for seafood and picturesque views.
  • Nagano – Prefecture boasting alpine landscapes and hot springs.
  • Yamanashi – Prefecture renowned for scenic beauty and vineyards.
  • Niigata – Coastal prefecture known for sake and snowy landscapes.
  • Gifu – Prefecture with historic castles and mountainous charm.
    • Hida Takayama – Charming town in the Japanese Alps with preserved Edo-era streets.
  • Toyama – Prefecture nestled between mountains and sea.
  • Ishikawa – Prefecture blending tradition and modernity with cultural gems.
  • Fukui – Prefecture boasting natural beauty and dinosaur fossils.
    • Fukui – Prefectural capital blending history and modern attractions.
  • Kyoto – Historic prefecture with iconic temples and traditional culture.
    • Kyoto – Cultural capital showcasing temples, gardens, and geisha.
    • Arashiyama – Scenic district with bamboo groves and tranquil beauty.
    • Uji – Historic city renowned for tea production and temples.
  • Osaka – Lively metropolis known for food, nightlife, and commerce.
  • Nara – Ancient capital filled with deer and historical treasures.
    • Nara – Historic city with ancient temples and friendly deer.
  • Hyogo – Prefecture encompassing Kobe and iconic Himeji Castle.
    • Kobe – Cosmopolitan port city blending culture and culinary delights.
    • Himeji – Castle city renowned for Himeji Castle, a UNESCO site.
  • Shiga – Prefecture surrounding Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake.
  • Mie – Prefecture famous for Ise Grand Shrine and seafood.
  • Wakayama – Prefecture known for sacred sites and Kumano Kodo trails.
  • Hiroshima – Prefecture encompassing Hiroshima City and historic landmarks.
    • Hiroshima – Historic city with Peace Memorial Park and Hiroshima Castle.
    • Miyajima – Experience the Serenity of Miyajima Island, Japan
  • Okayama – Prefecture featuring Korakuen Garden and Okayama Castle.
  • Tottori – Prefecture with stunning sand dunes and natural beauty.
  • Shimane – Prefecture rich in folklore, ancient shrines, and scenic vistas.
    • Izumo Taisha – Sacred shrine in Shimane known for mythical connections.
  • Yamaguchi – Prefecture blending historical sites and natural landscapes.
  • Kagawa – Prefecture famous for udon noodles and art-filled islands.
  • Ehime – Prefecture known for hot springs and Matsuyama Castle.
  • Tokushima – Prefecture celebrated for Awa Odori dance festival and nature.
  • Kochi – Prefecture boasting rugged coastlines and cultural heritage.
  • Fukuoka – Vibrant city known for food, shopping, and festivals.
    • Hakata – Vibrant district in Fukuoka known for food and culture.
  • Nagasaki – Historic port city with rich cultural and maritime history.
  • Oita – Prefecture renowned for hot springs and scenic beauty.
  • Saga – Prefecture blending history, ceramics, and natural landscapes.
  • Kumamoto – Prefecture featuring Kumamoto Castle and scenic Aso region.
  • Miyazaki – Prefecture known for stunning coastlines and lush nature.
  • Kagoshima – Prefecture famous for Sakurajima volcano and hot springs.
  • Okinawa – Tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters and vibrant culture.

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