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Saga Prefecture, located on the northwest corner of Japan’s Kyushu Island, is a region rich in history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. Known for its internationally acclaimed ceramics, Saga is home to the towns of Arita and Imari, where the art of porcelain-making has been perfected over centuries. The prefecture also features the historical Yoshinogari Park, a massive archaeological site with replicas of ancient dwellings. Saga’s coastal area offers stunning views of the Ariake Sea and its distinctive tidal flats. Each autumn, Saga International Balloon Fiesta paints the sky with colorful hot air balloons, symbolizing the prefecture’s vibrant spirit.


By Air

  • Saga Airport is the main air gateway, with domestic flights from major cities in Japan such as Tokyo, and international flights from cities like Shanghai and Seoul.

By Train

  • Saga is part of the extensive rail network of Japan. The JR Nagasaki Main Line connects Saga with Fukuoka and Nagasaki. Additionally, the Limited Express Kamome operated by JR Kyushu provides a direct connection to Hakata and Nagasaki.

By Bus

  • Long-distance highway buses connect Saga with other major cities in Japan, offering a cost-effective alternative for travel.

By Car

  • The Nagasaki Expressway and the Kyushu Expressway are the main routes for accessing Saga by car from other parts of Kyushu or from the mainland.

By Ferry

  • There are ferry services connecting the northern part of Saga with cities in Honshu, such as Osaka and Kobe.

As always, it’s advisable to check the current travel advisories and restrictions before planning your trip, as these can affect the availability of these options.



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