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Shizuoka prefecture is in Chubu region of Japan, located in between Tokyo Metropolis and Osaka prefecture. Shizuoka prefecture is most famous for the gateway to Mount Fuji, highest mountain in Japan, and several farming industry such as Japanese green tea.

Sites in Shizuoka



Way to Access

Bullet Train

  • Tokaido Shinkansen: Shizuoka Station, Kakegawa Station, Hamamatsu Station, or Mishima Station (depending on the area within Shizuoka Prefecture you want to visit)


  • JR Tokaido Main Line: Various stations throughout Shizuoka Prefecture, including Shizuoka, Kakegawa, Hamamatsu, and Mishima
  • JR Izu Kyuko Line: Atami Station to various destinations in the Izu Peninsula
  • JR Gotemba Line: Kōzu Station to Gotemba Station (for access to the eastern part of Mount Fuji)


  • Highway buses are available from Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and other major cities, with drop-off points at various locations within Shizuoka Prefecture, including Shizuoka City, Hamamatsu, and the Izu Peninsula.


  • Ferries connect Shimizu Port in Shizuoka City with Izu Islands, such as Toi Port on Izu Oshima Island, providing an option for travelers looking to access the Izu Islands from Shizuoka Prefecture.



Mount Fuji


Ashitaka Water Shrine

Ashitaka Water Shrine in Numazu of Shizuoka prefecture is believed to be the god of water, surrounded by waterfall and beautiful nature.

Cape Ose

Cape Ose is a famous diving spot as well as one of the seven mysteries of Izu Peninsular in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan.

Mishima SkyWalk

MIshima skywalk in Shizuoka is the longest suspension bridge in Japan that are walkable. Visit here for many other attractions as well!
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