Ashitaka Water Shrine

water shrine, numazu, Ashitaka water shrine, Chubu

Ashitaka Water Shrine

numazu water shrine, Ashitaka water shrine,

Ashitaka Water Shrine also known as Numazu Sui-Jinjya is a temple and shrine located at the headwater of Momosawa River dedicated to the god of water.

Constructed in 1903, the temple has been called the water god and be loved by many locals.

The place is surrounded by the calm sound of nature and small waterfall, contrasting from the busy business in the town.

The story tells the dragon lives at the water here, believed that a monk had practiced at this place resulting to see the creature of dragon.

Later day, locals say that ghost appear at this location by story, however, as the time of my visiting, especially during daytime, I didn’t feel any weirdness. Rather, it felt mysterious as the place was completely separated from the outside world filled with beautiful nature.

On the other hand, the place is also called as Mount Fuji’s energy power spots, as the shrine is located right below the mountain. Visiting here gives you the energy from Mount Fuji.

Way To Access Ashitaka Water Shrine

Service not available.

Service not available.

Free parking available.


Business Hour24 hour
Cost Free*
However, highly recommended to give monetary offering of O-saisen.


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