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Aomori Prefecture is a picturesque region located at the northern tip of Japan’s main island, Honshu. Known for its stunning natural landscapes, Aomori offers visitors a unique blend of breathtaking scenery, rich cultural heritage, and delicious local cuisine. The prefecture is famous for its magnificent apple orchards, which produce some of the country’s finest apples. Food enthusiasts can indulge in the local specialty, Aomori’s renowned garlic-flavored “kuroishi yaki soba” noodles. With its diverse attractions, Aomori Prefecture is a captivating destination that offers visitors a truly authentic Japanese experience.

Way to Access Aomori

Bullet Train

  • Tohoku Shinkansen: Shin-Aomori Station


  • JR Ou Line: Aomori Station
  • JR Tsugaru Line: Aomori Station to various destinations within Aomori Prefecture
  • JR Gono Line: Higashi-Noshiro Station to Kawabe Station (along the western coast of Aomori Prefecture)


  • Highway buses are available from Tokyo, Sendai, and other major cities, with drop-off points at various locations within Aomori Prefecture, including Aomori City, Hachinohe, and Hirosaki.


  • Aomori Port connects Aomori City with Hakodate City in Hokkaido via the Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry, providing an alternative option for travelers looking to access Aomori Prefecture from Hokkaido.




Mount Hakkoda (Hakkoudasan)

Discover Aomori's Mount Hakkoda, an outdoor paradise for foreign tourists. Explore diverse activities, local cuisine, and nearby attractions in this scenic region.

Sannai Maruyama Jomon Site

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