Kegon Falls

Kegon falls, kegon no Taki, Kanto

Kegon Falls

Kegon falls(華厳の滝) is a dramatic waterfall near Lake Chuzenji, located in the Nikko’s Okunikko area. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery of the Nikko National Park, Kegon falls is Nikkos best-known waterfall. Kegon falls directly beneath taking the excess water from Chuzenji-ko.

Both Kegon Falls and Lake Chuzenji were formed 15,000 years ago, when the volcano Nantai stalled the Daiya River. Lake Chuzenji has just one outlet, and Kegon Falls from it, falling 97 meters to the Daiya River. The fall was formed when the Daiya River was diverted away from lava flows, creating a major fall with about 97 meters drop, as well as approximately twelve smaller waterfalls, with the water flowing down cracks between the mountains and lava flows.

More than a dozen smaller cascades of underflowing water cascade down around the lower portion of the main waterfall. Water flowing out of Kegon Waterfall flows down a ravine. From one of the visitors looking out over Kegon Waterfall, you can see fallwater visible through foliage.

Kegon Falls is also viewed at a distance, along with Lake Chuzenji, as part of the panoramic view sweeping outwards from Akechidaira Observatory Lookout Point. The view from the Akechidaira plateau is considered to be one of the most unique views of the region, as you can see Lake Chuzenji flowing over Kegon Falls in the west, and Nikko in the east. While driving up Irohazaka in Nikko towards the falls, you may want to stop at the Viewpoint at Kurokamidaira to enjoy sweeping views of surrounding mountains, the valleys, and Nikko down below.

Way to Access Kegon Falls


Not Available.


Tobu Bus (Chuzenji Onsen) Stop
JR Nikko – Chuzenji Onsen – Yumoto Onsen
40 minutes ride / 1250 yen


Waterfall First/Second Parking Closest
320yen / park

Oku-Nikko Parking
300yen / park

Tachigi First Parking (Free)
13 minutes walk from the waterfall


There is an Elevator available that brings you to the deck where the waterfall can be seen at the best. Be aware of water splashes though. Because the waterfall is located at high elevation area, mist and fog may interrupt the view of the waterfall. In the case, you may ask the attendant at the ticket counter if it is possible to see the waterfall from the deck.

You may wait for an hour or so and come back to the waterfall in the case of fog.

Below is the business hour and cost of the elevator.

Business HourMarch / April AM9:00~PM5:00
May ~ November AM8:00~PM5:00
December ~ February AM0:00~PM4:00
Off DayNone
PriceAdult 570yen
Child 340yen


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