Yudaki Falls

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Yudaki Falls

Yudaki Falls is located at the hiking course going north from Senjougahara-field.

The wooden observation deck is constructed right in front of the basin under the waterfall; it gives a dynamic impact and scenery.

The waterfall is 110 meters (or 360 foot) in heights, the water comes from Yuno Lake which is famous for lure fishing and fly fishing.

The lake is home to trout which was aquacultured during 1916, it is still Japan’s one of the largest lake trout producers.

I recommend walking from Senjougahara field towards this waterfall to fully experience the nature of Nikko. The road is maintained as a hiking course, which can be both walked up or down.

If you are not certain if you can walk up the mountain, there is possible route from the waterfall towards Senjougahara field which are more easier course. The walk is about 2 hours.

Way to Access Yudaki Falls


Not Available.


Tobu Bus
From JR/Tobu Nikko (2A/2C) “Yudaki-Iriguchi” Bound for Yumoto-Onsen.
5 minutes walk from the stop.
1.2 hour ride / 1850 yen


500 yen / fixed price
December to April Free Parking.
(May close without notice due to snow)


Business hour24 hour
Entry CostFree
Off DayDepends on Snowfall


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