Ryuzu Falls

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Ryuzu Falls in Nikko

Ryuzu falls in Nikko, Tochigi prefecture, is the double waterfall that looks like the head of dragon. The word “Ryuzu” can be directly translated into dragon head; the name comes from the giant rock in between the two waterfall look like the head of dragon.

The waterfall are divided into two that sandwiches the giant rock, looking from the front, the rock can look like the dragon.

The waterflow is quite fast with amount of cool water speeding down the point, you can feel the calm and cool natural air in the mountain.

To take the photo of dragon head, visit the cafe called “Ryuzu-no-chaya” located adjacent to the river. This cafe offers some traditional food such as Soba noodles, hot and cold drinks, as well as traditional sweets.

Way to Access Ryuzu Falls


Service not available.


Tobu Bus
From Nikko Station – Ryuzu Falls – Bound for Yumoto Onsen
1.1 hour ride / 1350 yen


Free Parking Space Available


Business Hour24 hours


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