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Nikko is a small city located in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. Nikko is well-known for its beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls near Lake Chuzenji, and many temples in the area. The temple area of Nikko includes some of the most famous temples in Japan, such as Rinnoji Temple and Toshogu Shrine.

Nikko is home to two famous shrines, the Toshogu Shrine and Rinnoji Temple. The Toshogu Shrine was built in the Meiji period to honor the founder of modern Japan and it carries many sacred meanings. Also near these temples are many other religious sites that are still actively used today.


Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Get off at “Utsunomiya” Station, then transfer for JR Nikko line. Takes about 2 hours from Tokyo. JR Pass usable with this route.
Details can be found here (External Website.)


Tobu Line
Special Rapid “Kegon” from Tokyo Asakusa to Tobu Nikko.
2 hours / 2860 yen from Asakusa.



Nikko Toshogu


Irohazaka Winding Road

Nikko Iroha-Zaka is known for its steep mountain driveway and beautiful scenery that you can see while driving.


Senjyogahara is a highland located in Nikko Tochigi prefecture with wild flowers and bushes surrounded by high mountains.

Kegon Falls

Kegon Falls is a 97 meters tall waterfall in Nikko of Tochigi prefecture and one of the must see spots in Nikko as a nature.

Yudaki Falls

Yudaki Falls in Nikko of Tochigi is located at the journey of Senjyogahara hiking course with observation deck right in front.

Ryuzu Falls

Ryuzu falls is the photogenic and calm dragon head looking double waterfall located in Nikko of Tochigi prefecture.
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