Greater Tokyo

Shinjuku Central Park

Shinjuku Central Park is located right behind Tokyo metropolitan building and it is the famous spot for locals to enjoy the nature.

Kegon Falls

Kegon Falls is a 97 meters tall waterfall in Nikko of Tochigi prefecture and one of the must see spots in Nikko as a nature.

Yudaki Falls

Yudaki Falls in Nikko of Tochigi is located at the journey of Senjyogahara hiking course with observation deck right in front.

Ryuzu Falls

Ryuzu falls is the photogenic and calm dragon head looking double waterfall located in Nikko of Tochigi prefecture.

Cape Ose

Cape Ose is a famous diving spot as well as one of the seven mysteries of Izu Peninsular in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan.

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto

Bamboo Forest (Chikurin No Michi) is Kyoto's archway with an abundance of bamboo for a better picture place for free!
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