Cape Ose

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Cape Ose, One of the Seven Mystery of Izu

Cape Ose in Numazu City of Shizuoka Prefecture is known as the famous diving spots for divers in Japan. There are tours of diving where the instructor and coach will give a lesson for the diving; to take the license of diving here.

Cape Ose is additionally famous for the mystery of the location. The peninsular is located at the tip surrounded by the Sea of Izu, however, large lake with freshwater and Koi fish can be seen at the middle. The lake is just few meters away from massive ocean, it is one of the seven mystery of Izu area.

Without scientific evidence, locals believe that the freshwater are coming from Mount Fuji, as the snow melts during summer and Mount Fuji is home to delicious natural waters.

Way to Access Cape Ose

Not Available

Tokai Bus From Numazu Station
Get off at ”Ose Misaki” Final Stop

1.5 hour / Cost: 1330 yen

*Very few bus service available.

Parking 1 hour / 300 yen.

Ship: (Only During Summer)
40 minutes / Cost: 1250 yen


Business HourAM 9:30 ~ PM 4:00
PriceFree Entrance


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