Tokyo Station Marunouchi Exit

Tokyo Station, marunouchi, tokyo, Greater Tokyo

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station(東京駅)Marunouchi Exit is not just a ordinal station that can be seen around Tokyo everywhere. This is where all the train track starts, dividing into various locations of Japan.

The building are the repair version of the original station building on the Marunouchi side, made of actual handmade bricks. Built in 1914, there are 28 platforms and over 4000 trains operated daily, including Shinkansen (bullet trains.)

It is now registered as important assets by Japanese government.

Go Look for Marunouchi Exit

While visiting Tokyo station, look for Marunouchi Exit to see the brick-made solidarity. The station front is maintained as a open plaza and rotaries; it is the picture spot you must visit when you come to the metropolis.

At the front of the Marunouchi, the walkable pathway leads to emperor’s residence former Edo castle.

Way to Access Tokyo Station

Bullet Trains:
Final Stop “Tokyo Terminal”

JR Tokaido Line
JR Yamanote Line
JR Keihin Tohoku Line
JR Joban Line
Many more…

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line


Business Hour24 hour


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