Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo

showa kinen koen, Kanto

Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo

Showa Memorial Park(昭和記念公園)in western Tokyo is one of the largest pubic garden with many flower spaces, and fields. The area was built for the celebration of former Showa Emperor. The land used to be US military base after world war, however it was later returned to the city, which they developed to the park.

The location is also developed as a shelter in case of natural disasters; can be used as base camp for a rescue teams and materials distribution center.

Flower Garden

The beautiful flower garden are the entertainment as they changes the type of flower every season.

During the summer, the garden are filled with bright yellow sunflower, and during the autumn, the area is covered with purple cosmos.

Iconic Tree Field

showa kinen koen,

When Japanese hear about Showa Kinen Koen, they will immediately think of this iconic field. In Japanese, this field is called “Minna-no-hiroba” directly translated into Everyone’s Field.

This field of grass can be used as picnic spot, running and even kites flying!

Way to Access Showa Memorial Park


JR Chuo Line “Tachikawa Station”
10 minutes walk. (Use the Akebono-Gate)

JR Ome Line “Nishi-Tachikawa Station”
2 minutes walk. (Use the Nishi-Tachikawa-Gate)

Seibu-Haijima Line “Musashi-Sunagawa Station”
20 minutes walk. (Use the Sunagawa-Gate)


Tama-Toshi Monorail “Tachikawa-Kita”
8 minutes walk. (Use the Akebono-Gate)


From Tachikawa Station South Exit “South Kururin Bus”
Get off at “Showa Kinen Koen”
2 minutes walk.


Tachikawa Gate Parking
840 yen / day

Nishi-Tachikawa Gate Parking
840 yen / day

Sunagawa Gate Parking
840 yen / day


Business HourAM8:30~PM5:00
Off Day12/31・1/1
Ticket FeeAdult: 450 yen
65 < : 210 yen
15>: Free

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