Kawasaki Daishi

Kawasaki daishi, temple, Kanagawa

Kawasaki Daishi

Today, I would like to present Kawasaki Daishi Temple (川崎大師), located in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. The Temple of the Heiken-ji (平間寺), is one of the most famous temples of Kanagawa prefecture. Kawasaki Daishi is a large Shingon Buddhist Temple located east of Kawasaki Station.

Kawasaki Daishi is the seat of Shingons Sect of Chisan, which is one of Japan’s Buddhism. The official name is the Temple Heiken-ji, Grand Chief Temple of the Chisan sect of Shingon Buddhism at Kinjoin, Mt. It was founded in 1128 near the end of the Heian period, and is the seat of the Chizan school of Shingon Buddhism.

Like Shinsho-ji Naritasan and the Yakuo-in Takaosan temples, it is the main temple of Shingon School of Chizan. Kawasaki Daishi Temple is the head temple of Chizan school of Shingon Buddhism, one of the few remaining forms of Tantric Buddhism in Japan.

Kawasaki Daishi is, obviously, the main reason for visiting Kawasaki. Kawasakis Daishi is a famous temple to do Hatsumode (the first time you go to a religious site for a new year).

The temple is a very popular temple for new years worship, drawing in over one million supplicants.

Visit Kawasaki for Your Tokyo Side Trip

There are attractions here that make Kawasaki a unique side-trip, including the Buddhist Temple, which ranks among Japan’s three highest-visited during New Years, Shinto shrines, which hold some of Japan’s wackiest festivals, and a little-known outdoor museum.

Kawasaki is mostly a mix of an industrial and a residential neighborhood – as is typical of Japan, there is not a lot of difference between the two. Kawasaki has been a major trading town since Tokugawa Shogunate times, serving as an inter-city stop along the Tokaido Road between Tokyo and Kyoto. Kawasaki is a city in Kanagawa, Japan, wedged between Tokyo and Yokohama.

The wonderfully rustic Keikyu Daishi Line snakes around in peoples yards, which is handy for a three-stop journey from Keikyu Kawasaki to Kawasaki Daishi. The Metropolitan Expressway (toll highway) provides two connections into Kawasaki .


Kawasaki dais hi, kawasaki taishi
Nakamise Dori

The straight street that directs to the temple is called “Nakamise Dori” with local shops and souvenirs available.

Nakamise Dori has shops such as Japanese local sweets of Manjyu(饅頭)and throat lozenge, both of them local speciality.

Way to Access Kawasaki Daishi


Daishi Line “Kawasaki Daishi Station” North Exit 5 minutes walk.


Rinko Bus
From JR Kawasaki Station 川23 bound for “Daishi” Final Stop.


Daishi Parking: Free


FeesFree Entry
Business HourAM5:30~PM6:00

May be crowded during weekends and festival season.


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