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Iconic Mitsukoshi Ginza Department Store

Ginza Mitsukoshi is a department store located in Tokyo, Japan. It is part of the Isetan Mitsukoshi group which also has other stores in Japan and overseas. The Ginza store was opened in August 1872 and has a long history. It has gone through several expansions, including an involved project to expand its eastern side.    

Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo is one of the most popular Japanese fast fashion retailers. It is located at the Ginza crossing and is filled with infectious energy. The store has a wide variety of trendy fashion items for sale, all at very affordable prices. Its secure location makes it a great place to shop without worrying about safety. The store also features magical girls Creamy Mami and pumping your heart only year, as well as Rolex watches and other luxurious items. 

This article discusses the history, range of products, and popularity of Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo department store. It also mentions some of the nearby attractions. – Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo is one of the most exclusive department stores in Japan. This store is part of the larger international department store chain, Mitsukoshi, and offers an impressive range of luxury items from top brands. Visitors can find their fashion heaven as they browse through the extensive collection of clothing, accessories, jewelry and more. The store also carries a wide selection of high-end home goods and electronics for serious shoppers looking for top overall quality. In addition to its Ginza location, there are other branches located in Tokyo including Matsuya Ginza and Wako.

Popular Ginza Area for Your Shopping

Ginza is a very popular area to explore, with its buzzing streets and iconic Ginza crossing. The hustle and bustle of Tokyo is an experience that should be had by all visitors, both during the day or night. One of the most iconic buildings in the area are the Mitsukoshi department stores, which are one of the most famous things in Ginza and are a favourite amongst visitors.

Ginza offers luxury brand shopping, department stores and a shopping complex, making it one of Tokyo’s top points for luxury shopping. In the day it’s like Omotesando, with many brand stores and designers brands to visit. At night, Ginza comes alive with its neon lights and entertainment that make it a must-visit spot. It’s also known as ‘New York Ginza’ due to the popularity of its shopping malls. With so much to do, from visiting top points of interest to end shopping at Banizuniyuyokuyin Zou, there is something for everyone in Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo. 

This is one of the biggest and most popular shopping complexes in Japan, offering world-famous brands and stores. Ginza Mitsukoshi consists of department stores, trendy stores, jewelry stores, and a large department store Ginza Six. There are also multiple Ginza District area stores such as Ginza Matsuya and Wako offering a variety of items from clothing to electronics. The main street in the district is Ginza Chuo-dori, a central avenue lined with luxury brand flagship stores.

Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo is a 12-story duty free shop and one of the city’s most popular shopping destinations. This is where you can find Uniqlo’s flagship store, one of the largest in the world. Here, you can find all kinds of clothes, cosmetics and other items for your shopping pleasure. The friendly shopping experience that Uniqlo provides makes it one of the best places to visit in Tokyo. Additionally, Sanrio fans will be delighted to know that they can find a wide selection of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio Family Character Goods at the Sanrio World located inside Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo. Here, you can find all kinds of cute items such as wallets, plushies and Cinnamaroll characters – making it a great place for Hello Kitty fans to shop! 

Ginza Mitsukoshi Tokyo is one of the largest and most renowned department stores in Japan. It features numerous restaurants like Ginza Yoshitake (known for its sushi), Ginza Kojyu (famous for its matcha desserts), Oriental Nakamura, and Soba Ramen. There is also the famous Ginza Six complex, which opened its only store in Tokyo in 2016.

Ginza Mitsukoshi, one of Tokyo’s most famous buildings, is an example of Japanese Metabolism architectural style. This style is characterized by its use of repetitive, prefabricated elements such as capsules and cubes. Ginza Mitsukoshi’s main building has a large entrance and a lion statue that greets visitors. The illustrator behind Kimagure Orange Road, Akemi Takada, also designed the lion statue. Currently, the building is holding an exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Kimagure Orange Road.   

Way to Access


JR Lines
“Yurakucho” Station 9 minutes walk.


Tokyo Metro
Hibiya Line, Marunouchi Line “Ginza” Station 1 minute walk.

Yurakucho Line “Higashi-Ginza” Station 2 minute walk.


Ginza Mitsukoshi Underground Parking

Parking Fee Discount Service
Over 2,000 yen usage at the department: 1 hour free
Over 5,000 yen usage at the department: 2 hour free
Over 30,000 yen usage at the department: 4 hour free


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