Tokyu Plaza Ginza

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Tokyu Plaza Ginza

The Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo is a high-end shopping centre in the heart of Ginza and it’s well known for its intricate Edo Kiriko cut glass. The exterior of the building replicates traditional Japanese handicrafts and provides a broad view across Tokyo. Inside, visitors can explore the Kiriko Lounge which showcases classic Japanese cut glass pieces, including Edo Kiriko and Kiriko Cut designs. The edo kiriko pieces featured here are some of Japan’s best examples of traditional craftsmanship, while the exterior provides a stunning backdrop to admire these works from.  

Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo is a commercial building that features an airy rooftop, with magnificent views of the city. The glass façade and rooftop garden of the plaza create a unique atmosphere in which visitors can relax and enjoy the public spaces. In addition to its aesthetics, Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo also offers plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options for visitors. One highlight is the Rooftop Kiriko Terrace where guests can enjoy traditional food while admiring the breathtaking facade of this magnificent building. The terrace also provides guests with stunning views of Tokyo’s skyline which will leave them spellbound.

Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo is a new landmark in the city and features a unique facade made from Edo Kiriko, a traditional Japanese craft. The building’s facade features intricate carved glass patterns and dimensional glass planes that create an impressive light reflection. It’s truly breathtaking to witness this delicate phenomenon of Edokiriko artistry, which evokes the beauty of Japan’s culture and artistry. With its eye-catching design, Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo is sure to become one of the city’s most beloved attractions for both locals and tourists alike.  

The Tokyu Plaza is located directly next to Sukiyabashi Crossing – one of Tokyo’s busiest intersections – making it easily accessible by both foot and public transport. From here visitors can explore the rest of this famous commercial district with its many boutiques, restaurants and attractions. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or simply want to soak up some traditional Japanese culture, Tokyu Plaza Ginza Tokyo makes a great place to start your visit to Japan’s capital city. 

Way to Access


JR Line
“Yurakucho” Station. 4 minutes walk.


Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line
“Ginza” Station C2/C3 Exit 1 minute walk.

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / Toei Mita Line
“Hibiya” Station A1 Exit 2 minutes walk.


Tokyu Plaza Parking
30minutes / 310yen

Over 2,000 yen usage at Tokyu Plaza : 1 hour parking fee waived.
Over 5,000 yen usage at Tokyu Plaza : 2 hour parking fee waived.
Over 30,000 yen usage at Tokyu Plaza : 4 hour parking fee waived.


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