Shin-Okubo Koreatown

shin-okubo, koreatown, Okubo, Greater Tokyo

Shin-Okubo Koreatown

The Koreatown of Tokyo is filled with numerous Korean restaurants offering authentic Korean food. You can find fashionable Korean girls and boys shopping in the stores, and eating in the restaurants. The beauty shops are also popular, selling trendy cosmetics from Korea. There are also many restaurants and dining spots that offer a variety of reasonable food options. Shin-Okubo is the largest Korean town in Tokyo, where you can watch Korean dramas or buy K-pop merchandise. It has become increasingly popular for its high sense of fashion among Japanese people, and its businesses have been growing steadily. From traditional kimchi to modern pop food dishes, Shin-Okubo offers an abundance of delicious and affordable Korean food. 

Known as Shin-Okubo Koreatown, Shin-Okubo is a vibrant and lively commercial street selling everything from Korean food to pop culture items. Okubo Dori is the main street in Shin-Okubo and is a maze of small shops, restaurants, and Chinese shops. If you’re looking for Korean food, this is the place to come! If you explore beyond Okubo Dori you’ll find more pop culture shops and even more places to eat. The side streets around Shin-Okubo are filled with small stores and cafes offering a variety of Korean goods – from clothes to beauty products.

shin-okubo, Okubo, koreantown, koreatown,

Located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, it is one of the biggest Korean towns outside of Seoul. It has grown to become a center of Korean pop culture, where you can find anything from K-pop idols to pop-up Korean restaurants.

This has contributed to a growing interest in Japanese culture among Koreans and vice versa. You can also find stores selling K-pop music and beauty products, and even spicier versions of kimchi. Shin-Okubo Koreatown has become a huge trend worldwide due to its unique fusion of South Korean vibes with youthful mix of Japanese culture. The area is well known for its lively atmosphere and many bars, restaurants, and shops serving traditional Korean dishes as well as modern twists on K-pop music and drama. The area is constantly buzzing with tourists looking for the latest trends in K-pop culture! From clothing brands to food items like kimchi or gimbap, Shin-Okubo Koreatown Tokyo offers something for everyone interested in South Korea’s vibrant culture.

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JR Line
“Shin-Okubo” Station 3 minutes walk.


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