Hachiko Statue

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Shibuya Hachiko Statue

Shibuya Hachiko statue is an iconic landmark located in the heart of Tokyo’s Shibuya district. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Tokyo, offering a unique experience that is both heartwarming and inspiring.

The statue was erected in honor of a loyal Akita dog named Hachiko, who waited for his owner at the Shibuya Station every day for nine years, even after his owner passed away. Hachiko’s story has become a symbol of loyalty and devotion, and his statue has become a popular meeting spot and photo opportunity for locals and tourists alike.

The Shibuya Hachiko statue is located in front of busy Shibuya Station, making it easily accessible for visitors. The bronze statue depicts the dog sitting, looking up at the station entrance, waiting for his owner to return.

The statue is a popular spot for locals to meet up with friends or to use as a landmark when giving directions. It’s also a popular spot for tourists to take photos with the statue, with many people posing next to Hachiko for a memorable souvenir of their trip to Tokyo.

In recent years, the Shibuya Hachiko statue has undergone several renovations and improvements, including the addition of a new plaque that explains Hachiko’s story in multiple languages. The statue has also become a popular site for events and demonstrations, with many people gathering in the area to express their views and opinions.

Visitors to the Shibuya Hachiko statue can also explore the surrounding area, which is known for its vibrant energy and trendy fashion. The Shibuya district offers a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

One of the best ways to experience the Shibuya Hachiko statue is to visit the nearby Scramble Square, which offers a larger-than-life mural of the loyal dog that is perfect for taking photos. The square also offers a view of the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, allowing visitors to see the organized chaos of the crossing from above.

Way to Access


JR Lines
“Shibuya” Station Hachiko Exit 1 minutes walk.

Keio Line
“Shibuya” Station Central Exit 3 minutes walk.

Tokyu Line
“Shibuya” Station Hachiko Exit 5 minutes walk.


Ginza Line
“Shibuya” Station Scramble Square Exit 5 minutes walk.

Fukutoshin Line
“Shibuya” Station Hachiko Exit 5 minutes walk.


Tokyu Plaza Parking
2600 yen per entry
*Reserve needed beforehand.


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