Haneda Airport

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Welcome to Haneda Airport, Tokyo’s primary domestic and international airport, known for its convenience and modern facilities.

Haneda Airport at a Glance: Terminals, Services, and Amenities

Haneda Airport, officially known as Tokyo International Airport, consists of three terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, which primarily serve domestic flights, and Terminal 3, also known as the International Terminal. Each terminal offers a wide range of services and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for travelers.

Terminal 1:

Terminal 1, also called the “Big Bird,” features a modern design with a spacious layout. It is home to Japan Airlines (JAL) and its affiliated carriers. The terminal offers numerous dining options, shops, and services, including currency exchange, ATMs, luggage storage, and information desks.

Terminal 2:

Terminal 2 caters to All Nippon Airways (ANA) and its partner airlines. Similar to Terminal 1, it provides an array of facilities, such as restaurants, retail stores, and essential services for travelers. The two domestic terminals are connected by a free shuttle bus service.

Terminal 3 (International Terminal):

Haneda’s International Terminal serves flights from around the globe. It boasts a wide selection of duty-free shops, dining options, and services tailored to international travelers, including currency exchange, ATMs, and tourist information centers. The Edo Market on the fourth floor offers a unique shopping experience with traditional Japanese items and souvenirs.

Transport Options: Navigating from Haneda Airport to Tokyo and Beyond

Haneda Airport is well-connected to the city of Tokyo and its surrounding areas, offering several convenient transport options for foreign visitors:


The Tokyo Monorail and Keikyu Line provide quick and efficient train connections from Haneda Airport to central Tokyo. The Tokyo Monorail links the airport to Hamamatsucho Station, while the Keikyu Line connects to Shinagawa Station. Both lines offer easy transfers to other train lines for further exploration of the city.


Airport Limousine Buses operate between Haneda Airport and various destinations in Tokyo, including major hotels and train stations. The buses offer a comfortable and convenient way to reach your destination, with luggage storage and ample seating.


Taxis are available at designated taxi ranks outside each terminal. Although they offer a direct and flexible mode of transport, they can be more expensive compared to other options, especially during peak hours or long-distance journeys.

Practical Information and Tips for a Seamless Visit

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at Haneda Airport, consider the following practical information and tips:

Language Support:

Haneda Airport is foreigner-friendly, with English signage and announcements throughout the airport. Additionally, many staff members can speak English and are available to assist with inquiries and directions.

Currency Exchange and ATMs:

Currency exchange counters and ATMs are located throughout the airport, providing easy access to Japanese yen. It is advisable to carry some local currency for immediate expenses upon arrival.

Luggage Storage and Delivery:

Luggage storage facilities and delivery services are available at Haneda Airport, allowing travelers to explore Tokyo without the burden of heavy bags. The services can be found in each terminal, with various options depending on the duration and size of your luggage.

Free Wi-Fi Access:

Haneda Airport provides free Wi-Fi access for travelers, making it convenient to stay connected and access essential information online. To connect, simply select “HANEDA-FREE-WIFI” from the available networks and follow the on-screen instructions.

Mobile Device Charging Stations:

Charging stations for mobile devices can be found throughout the airport, ensuring that your devices remain powered during your transit or while waiting for your flight.

Shopping and Dining:

Haneda Airport offers an extensive range of shopping and dining options, catering to various tastes and preferences. Make sure to explore the Edo Market in the International Terminal for a taste of traditional Japanese culture and souvenirs.

Airport Hotels and Lounges:

For those with longer layovers or late-night arrivals, Haneda Airport has several hotels and lounges available, offering comfortable accommodations and amenities. Some options include the Royal Park Hotel Haneda, the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu, and various airline lounges for eligible passengers.

Customs and Immigration:

To ensure a smooth arrival and departure process, familiarize yourself with Japan’s customs and immigration regulations. Keep all necessary documents ready and easily accessible, such as your passport, visa (if required), and a completed disembarkation card.

In conclusion, Haneda Airport serves as a convenient and welcoming gateway for foreign tourists visiting Tokyo and the surrounding regions. With its modern facilities, efficient transportation options, and array of services tailored to international travelers, Haneda Airport provides a seamless and enjoyable experience. Use this comprehensive guide to plan your visit and make the most of your time at Tokyo’s bustling airport.


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