Huis Ten Bosch

huis ten Bosch、nagasaki theme park, Kyushu Region

Details of Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch is Japan’s largest theme park, consisting from nine areas. The largest park is themed Europe, and the structure of many of its buildings are inspired from Europe’s buildings.

Additionally, Huis Ten Bosch has a lot of attractions from ship sailing, teddy bear kingdom, VR worlds, and many more.

Here are the nine areas:
Welcome Area (A)
Adventure Park (C)
Attraction Town (D)
Art Garden (E)
Fantasia City of Light (F)
Amsterdam City (G)
Tower City (H)
Harbor Town (I)

Way to Enjoy Huis Ten Bosch

The park is Japan’s largest theme park located in Nagasaki Prefecture.

It is known for its beauty during the nighttime, as the whole park illuminates. It is also nice for dating spots at night.

huis ten bosch,

Inside the location, there is a free lounge also known as “Henn na Cafe.” This place is run by robots, so instead of waiters and waitresses bringing your food, robots makes and serves you.

Hen na Cafe is among the famous site in Huis Ten Bosch.

Additionally, Huis Ten Bosch has “Hen na hotel” which is also the same theme as Hen na Cafe. Hen na hotel is run by robots, and they are English friendly too.

If you come to Huis Ten Bosch, it takes about 6-8 hours to go around the park; after enjoying, you may stay at Hen na hotel as part of attraction.

Where to Stay in Huis Ten Bosch

There are five hotels inside the theme park.

Hotel Europe
European styled hotel.

Hotel Amsterdam
Located in the center of the park.

Watermark Hotel
With sea and the nice scenery.

Forest Villa
Villa-like rooms.

Henn Na Hotel
Served by robots.


JR Huis Ten Bosch Station, 3 minutes walk

From Nagasaki Airport, Takes about 50minutes


Other Informations

Ticket Price:
Adult: 7000yen
Youth: 6000yen
Child: 4600yen
Kinder: 3500yen
Senior(above 65) 5000yen

Purchase 60 days before the visit and save up to 800yen!

Ticket sold here (external site)


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