Osaka Castle, Osaka

Osaka, Osaka castle, Kansai

History of Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is one of the largest castle built in western Japan and are famous for its stone walls. It is estimated that over half a million massive stone has been used to build the stone wall, each weighing dozen a kilogram or 26 pounds.

Additionally, the castle has shown up in Japanese history a numerous times, however the most famous event are the fall of Osaka Castle, which the castle has surrendered to anti-bakufu imperials to create Meiji-Restoration.

The current Osaka-Castle is the rebuilt castle; restoration begun on 1995 and was completed in 1997 under the Osaka City’s project. Thus, the castle is a concrete structure fitted with an elevator, instead of wooden in the original castle built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Have a Walk Around in Massive Park

Osaka, Osaka castle,

Osaka castle has a massive park around the Tenshukaku. A lot of the structre are registered as important cultural assets by the Japanese government.

When you travel to the castle, you may notice the massive park around the castle. This park is part of the castle which used to be a training area for samurai and for an added defence.

Additionally, you may enjoy to see multiple Japanese bushes all around the park, and locals enjoy picnics and walking around the castle especially during spring and fall season.

The castle has been rebuilt recently, thus it is made as a tourist location.

When you enter the castle, there are elevators that takes you up to the topmost deck of the castle where the great view can be seen.

Also, there are English friendly signs all over the castle which teaches the history and background information about this place.

Access to Osaka Castle

Osaka Metro “Tanimachi 4cho-me” 1-B Exit, 5 minute walk.
JR Osaka Loop “Osaka Jyokouen” 7 minute walk.
Keihan Line “Tenmanbachi” 7 minute walk.

Osaka City Bus 62 “Osaka-Jyo O-temae” 3 minute walk.

Osaka Jyo Koen Station Front Parking 1hour/500yen
Morinomiya Parking 1hour/500yen

Adult 600yen
Children (15>)Free


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