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Nipponmaru is One of Japan’s Oldest Ship

Nihonmaru in Yokohama’s Minatomirai City is one of Japan’s oldest ship. It used to be a training ship that trained over ten-thousands people. Made in 1930, Nipponmaru worked over half a century until its retirement in 1984. Total of 1,830,000 kilometers done mainly in the pacific ocean, trips are equal to 45 times around the Earth.

Registered as Japan’s important historical assets, Nipponmaru is well maintained and welcomes customers for the interior tour. The interior viewing is allowed with a cost, the tour allows to see the control deck, bells, bire-bin, and training rooms.

Enjoy Minatomirai with Nipponmaru

Nipponmaru sits in the bay of Minatomirai in Yokohama City. Located next to the symbolic “Landmark Tower” which is the highest building in Yokohama with a beautiful observation deck on the top, enjoy the trip around Yokohama using “Akaikutsu bus.”

Akaikutsu bus is a sightseeing bus that goes around many of the landmarks all around Yokohama. That includes Landmark Tower, Yokohama China Town, Minatomirai, and many more.

Minatomirai is known for the serene bay area with numerous of high buildings. It is still used as a hub for international ships and around-the-world luxury tour ships such as Japan’s No.1 executive ship “Asuka II.”

Way to Access & Information

JR Negishi Line “Sakuragicho Station” 5 minutes walk
Subway Blue Line “Sakuragicho Station” 5 minute walk
Minatomirai Line “Bashamichi Station” 5 minute walk

Yokohama City Bus Yokohama Station to “Nipponmaru Memorial Park Stop”

Business Hour:
Closed on Mondays, Year Ends, Year Start

Senior (65+)600yen

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