Shinagawa Shrine, Tokyo

Shinagawa Shrine, shrine, Greater Tokyo

Shinagawa Shrine

Shinagawa Shrine is a old Shinto Shrine in the middle of downtown tokyo. Possible to have a walk from the station, the shrine is known as “Tokyo Jissha” which translates to Ten Shrines in Tokyo.

Believed that economic fortune will rise after praying here, locals say that the possibility of winning the lottery will increase.

Shrine in Middle of Tokyo

Shinagawa Shrine, torii gate, torii, shrine gate,
Torii archway

If the word “Tokyo” is said to you, likely that you will imagine the downtown with a lots of skyscrapers all around and no nature is visible.

However, this brilliant red monastery is just 15 minutes walk away from JR Shinagawa Station. Built in the year 1187, some of the assets are registered as important cultural property by Japanese government. Locals pray here as part of a journey of praying Tokyo Jissha, and you may buy the pilgrim’s passport as a memory of visiting the temple.

Behind the main building, there is a mountain mimicking mount Fuji which were made during Meiji era. After climbing the mountain mimicking land, it is believed that you will get same fortune as climbing the real mount Fuji.

Way to Access Shinagawa Shrine


Keihin Kyuko
Shin-Bamba Station 1 minute walk

JR Lines (Yamanote / Keihin Tohoku / Tokaido )
Shinagawa Station 15 minutes walk


Tokyu Bus
品94 / 渋41 Shin-Bamba Stop 3 minutes walk


Free Parking Available (Limited lot)

Be aware of narrow roads around the shrine as navigation system may guides you an alley pathway.


Business hour24 hours

Official Website (External Link) *Japanese Language Only


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