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Honnoji Temple

honnoji, kyoto, Oda Nobunaga, Sengoku,

Honnoji Temple is a temple in Kyoto Prefecture, which are famous for the assassination of former Shogun, Oda Nobunaga in the year 1582.

This temple is a temple well known as almost every Japanese will learn the historical events that occured at this place, and if you come along to the temple do not forget to pray for Oda Nobunaga’s grave located behind the main building.

Japanese Sengoku History Changed Here

Japanese history of Sengoku Jidai “Sengoku Era” has changed at this temple. The time’s Shogun Oda Nobunaga was assassinated by his retainer, Akechi Mitsuhide at the former Honnoji Temple. Oda’s Ambition for the unification of whole Japan had to be abandoned here.

After Oda’s assassination, his other retainer Toyotomi Hideyoshi had given a revenge on Akechi Mitsuhide; which later led to the unification of most of Japan by Toyotomi clan. The details of the incident are still yet to be discovered, many lies into a dark mystery including disappearance of Oda Nobunaga’s corpse.

Therefore, the grave for Nobunaga here is left empty with no corpse underneath.

Way to Access Honnoji


Subway Tozai Line
“Shiyakusho-mae Station” 2 minutes walk.

Keihan Line
“Sanjyo Station” 5 minutes walk.

Hankyu Line
“Kawaramachi Station” 10 minutes walk.


City Bus 5/4/17/104/205 (From Kyoto Station)
Get off at “Shiyakusho mae stop”
230 yen per ride


20 lots car park available.
30 minutes / 200 yen


Business HoursAM 6:00 ~ PM 5:00
TicketFree Entry


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