Tower of The Sun, Osaka

Taiyo no tou, tower of the sun, Osaka tower, Osaka Banpaku, Kansai

Tower of The Sun AKA Taiyo no Tou

Tower of the Sun (In Japanese language called Taiyo no Tou) is a sculpture made by Japanese famous artist Taro Okamoto. This tower was made for Expo ’70 and still stands at Expo Commemoration park (Banpaku Kinen Koen.)

The funny looking sculpture was the symbol for the Expo ’70, with mysterious face and golden head, the back painting of the black sun, it attracted many attention worldwide.

Taiyo no tou, tower of the sun, Osaka tower, Osaka Banpaku,

The sculpture is 71 meters in height, and has the diameter of about 20 meters, it is was for sure the main show of the expo back then.

The interior viewing is available, however I recommend looking from outside as interior is just a normal tower and this funny looking tower can not be felt from inside. With the interior viewing, some light shows are available that mimics the show at Expo.

Way to Access Tower of The Sun


Osaka Monorail
Banpaku Kinen Koen (Expo Commemoration Park)


Hankyu Bus
From JR Mogi Station
100 Bound for “Japanese Garden Mae”

*Bus only available on weekends.


Parking lot available.
Weekdays: 800 yen / fixed price
Weekends: 1200 yen / fixed price


Business HourAM 10:00 ~ PM 5:00
Ticket PriceAdult 260 yen
Student 80 yen

Admission Reservation (External Link)


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