Harbor View Park

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Harbor View Park in Yokohama

Harbor View Park(港の見える丘公園)in Yokohama is a mountainous park where you can get views of Yokohama Harbor and Yokohama Bay Bridge. This was the first time that we visited the Harbor View Park in Yokohama, although we have visited the spot all along for sushi near there. Yamashita Park is really the most popular and most famous park in Yokohama, but Minato no Mieru Oka Park is even more appealing than Yamashita Park, as it is less crowded compared to Yamashita Park, so you get to enjoy the park without having to share views and space with many other people.

The park is also located on a hill, so you get an excellent view of the Yokohama harbor, just like the parks name suggests. Harbor View Park is a park located in Motomachi, Yokohama, Japan Japan Yokohama, Japan, where you can enjoy the scenic views of the Yokohama harbor. Motomachi, Yokohama is an excellent spot to visit and get to experience the history Yokohama experienced as a port town.

View at Night

The park is named after the popular post-war song, Minato-no-Mieru Oka, which is roughly translated to mean Hill With Views over the Yokohama Harbor. The area was once a settlement for foreigners when the port in Yokohama was opened, with British troops stationed at the top of the hill, and French troops at the bottom. Shortly after Yokohama Port opened for foreign trade in 1859, the location of Harbour View Park was where the British consul lived.

Although the barracks are now gone, Harbour View Park in Yokohama is the location of a number of Western-style buildings, including the Jiro Osaragi Memorial Museum, as well as the site of a former British consulate, now designated as a cultural property. This park is one of the most popular places for people to visit when they are visiting the Yokohama area. The nighttime landscapes at this park are among three main sites for the nighttime experience in Japan.

Enjoy the View From the Garden

Harbor View Park has views over sites including industrial docks, Daikoku Dock, Honmoku Dock, and Osanbashi Dock, luxury passenger ferry Hikawa-maru, skyline from the futuristic site of the Minato Mirai, and the Bay Bridge of Yokohama.

Former France Embassy Remains

At the park, vantage points and benches facing out to sea provide an excellent view of famous tourism attractions like the Minato Mirai, Yamashita Park, and Yokohama Bay Bridge, while offering panoramic views over Yokohamas port. From the observation deck, one can enjoy a panoramic view of Yokohama port, including a sight of numerous cargo ships, and the Yokohama Bay Bridge. Keio Plaza is located at a prime location, offering convenient access to Shinjuku Station, the Keio shopping mall, many shopping options, and restaurants.

The name of Harbour View Hill Park comes from the famous song by the same name, which was composed by Tatsumi Azuma.

*Some photo are borrowed from Yokohama City.

Way to Access Harbor View Park

Minatomirai Line
Motomachi Chukagai Station No.6 Exit, 6 minutes walk.

Minato-no-Mieru-Oka-Kouen, 1 minute walk.

Minato no mieru oka Parking
Weekdays: 250 yen / 30 minutes
Weekends: 300 yen / 30 minutes


Business hour24 hours


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