Tokyo Metropolitan Building

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Tokyo Metropolitan Building in Shinjuku

Tokyo Metropolitan Building is a operating government office in Shinjuku, that are open for tourism and free observation tour for anyone.

The two skyscraper is currently used as government official building for Tokyo, so the parliament are in the working condition as well as all other departments.

Several area are open for observation without any reservation needed. Daiichi Chosha (The first building) is free for all to look around in the designated areas.

Observation Deck at Tokyo Metropolitan Building

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This government tower has observation deck at the top floor allowing the amazing view of the ward. Huge park of Gyoen and many more office towers stand near by which give a view that can be only see at this location.

The observation deck is free of charge, however you may have to que for the elevator due to many people trying to visit here.

Japan’s famous street piano is placed at the South observation deck; anyone can play any songs; sometimes professional pianists enjoy playing here.

Way to Access


JR Chuo Line
“Shinjuku Station” 10 minutes walk.

Toei Subway Oedo Line
“Tocho-Mae Station” 2 minutes walk.


From JR Shinjuku Station West
WE Bus “Shinjuku Washington Hotel Mae” 5 minutes walk.


Tocho First Building Parking
30 minutes 150 yen


Operating HourAM9:00~PM6:00


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