Greensprings, Tokyo

greensprings, tachikawa Kanto

Greensprings Tachikawa

greensprings, tachikawa

Greensprings in Tachikawa city of Tokyo is a new shopping complex with the theme of nature and greenery. The complex is a three story height building with numerous of shops including restaurants, cafes and private shops.

The directory of the complex is as follow. (At the time of article written)

1st Floor (Ground Floor)

  • Afuri (Ramen)
  • Amekaze (Food Shop)
  • Asian Bistro Dai (Restaurant)
  • BoConcept (Furniture)
  • FamilyMart (Convenience Store)
  • Favers (Gift Shop)
  • Fuji Lemon (Kindergarten)
  • Jinmiya (Fruit Shop)
  • Soba Ishihara (Soba Noodle)
  • Le cyc (Cycling)
  • North Link Coffee&Tea (Cafe)
  • PLUS YU (Lifestyle)
  • R Baker (Bakery)
  • Sumiyaki Dai (Restaurant)
  • SUMUFUMU Terrace (Showroom)
  • Tokyo Gyoza Stand Oolong (Restaurant)
  • Under the Cascade (Cafe)
  • Uorikiya (Restaurant)
  • Watabe Wedding (Wedding)


  • 100 hon no spoon (Restaurant)
  • Bistro saitou (Bistro)
  • Cle4 (Restaurant)
  • FEX Coffee (Cafe)
  • Flowers Bake & Ice Cream (Ice Cream)
  • FM Tachikawa (Radio Studio)
  • Glitter (Cafe)
  • Good Sound Coffee (Cafe)
  • Good Spoon (Restaurant)
  • Joker (Pet Shop)
  • Mother House (Fashion)
  • Muraco (Outdoor)
  • Paper Moon (Cafe)
  • Play! Museum (Museum)
  • Rust (Interior)
  • SEC Green Springs (Restaurant)
  • Rojiura Curry Samurai (Restaurant)
  • Sestina (Cafe)
  • SPM Paper Market (Select Shop)
  • Take off site (POP Up Booth)
  • Shin (Restaurant)


  • Monya (Restaurant)
  • Play! Park (Kids Area)
  • Startup Hub Tokyo (Office)
  • Tokyo Sogyo Station (Office)


  • The Dragonfly Bar (Bar)

Way to Access Greensprings


JR Lines
“Tachikawa Station” 10 minutes walk.


Not Available.


Weekdays: 30 minutes / 250 yen
Weekends: 30 minutes / 300 yen

Greensprings Receipt Discount of Parking Fees

Over 2000 yen : 1 hour free
Over 5000 yen : 2 hour free
Over 30,000 yen : 3 hour free


Business Hour24 hours
Private Shops Differ
FeesFree Entry


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