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Ginza Six in Tokyo

This development is located within the Tokyo Shopping District, which is a very established commercial area of the Tokyo Central District. Ginza Six is a luxurious shopping complex located in the Ginza area of Tokyo, co-developed by Mori Building Company, Japan. 

Ginza Six is one of Tokyo’s most famous shopping complexes, known for its high-end brands. The structure is one of the largest buildings in the district, housing 241 stores, including flagship stores for luxury brands from around the world, or stores that were opened in Tokyo first. This complex offers everything you expect, perhaps even more, with its 241 stores and restaurants along Tokyo’s trendy street.

Modern Shopping Complex

Completely modern and refined in design and curated, it is filled with enough options for shopping, food, and cultural activities to keep you busy for days. With 241 shops and restaurants, rooftop gardens, and even a Noh Theater inside of GINZA SIX, it is quite possible to spend an entire day — or multiple days — exploring GINZA SIX and not be bored. The depth of this offerings elevates Ginza Six from simply another shopping mall into a modern-day reinvention of Tokyo’s most historic trading precinct.

Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood has long been home to a range of exquisitely designed stores, from the glass-clad Renzo Piano Hermes Building to the undulating Jun Mitsui towers of De Beers. It is located in an area of concentrated business activities, which embraces cutting-edge innovations, but it also continues the greatest traditions and Japan’s history, Ginza district is the emblem of Japan. It is about 47,000m2 and boasts of being the largest retail space within the the district, becoming a world-class commercial venue encompassing a broad array of 241 brands. Marking The Houses continued expansion and development within Japan, Dunhills subversion of tradition and innovation echoes the continuously evolving identity of Ginza and this historical shopping area.

If you cannot travel all the way to Niigata Prefecture in Japan to tour a Hakkaisan sake brewery, you will be happy to know you can explore nearly all the Hakkaisan line-up right here in Sennenkoujiya. For fall 2017, Teppanyaki 10 Ginza is serving up limited-edition Champagne cocktails with ingredients like orange, cinnamon, and cherries. At Tempura Yamanoue, Ai Dinner Course highlights each seasons feel as well as the abundance of Japanese ingredients.

To try various Japanese dishes all in one place, go to the Grand Premium Food Hall located on the 6th floor. You are also in good hands when it comes to the sushi chefs: Katsuharu Takano earned his stripes at Kyubey, which is generally considered to be one of Tokyo’s best sushi restaurants.

Japanese handbag specialist, Master-Piece, is about to debut a new shop at Tokyo’s luxe Ginza Six shopping mall. The shopping complex is opening the first-ever skating rink on Dec. 1, located on the shopping centers sprawling roof garden. Ice skating sessions are limited to three hours during the week, one hour during weekends and holidays.

Formerly located in Shibuya, the venerable Kanze Noh Theatre has taken down its cypress-wood stages and moved into one of the basement floors at Ginza Six; catch traditional, mask-clad performances right under swanky retail.  

Find more Places in Ginza for Your Shopping

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Way to Access Ginza Six


JR Lines
Yamanote Line “Yurakucho Station” 10 minutes walk.


Tokyo Metro
Hibiya Line/Marunouchi Line “Higashi-Ginza” A1 Exit 3 minutes walk.


Base Rate: 30 minutes/300yen

Over 3,000yen shopping receipt for 1 hour parking free.
Over 10,000yen shopping receipt for 2 hour parking free.
Over 30,000yen shopping receipt for 4 hour parking free.


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