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Fuji Television in Odaiba

The Fuji Television Network is a Japanese mainstream TV network located in Odaiba, Minato, Tokyo, Japan, known as Fuji TV. The Fuji Broadcasting Center (also known as the FCG building) is a 27-story complex in Odaiba, Minato, Tokyo, which has a total height of 123.45 metres (40.0 ft). The Building Housing the Fuji Television Network The Fuji Television Network is located in Odaiba, a artificial island built outside of Tokyo’s mainland coastline.

Fuji Television headquarters in Odaiba is most famous for the odd ball that hangs in the air in the middle of the buildings top floors. The structure of the orb is actually a viewing platform at the 25th floor of the Kenzo Tange-designed Fuji Television Building, where a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo Bay and the surrounding Odaiba neighborhood is available. Now open to the public, the unique, spherical viewing platform is sure to be a popular place for visitors to take in the sights of Tokyo.

The unique spherical observation platform designed for the new Fuji Television Broadcasting Station located inside its corporate headquarters, highlights the TVs open-minded philosophy. The buildings design emphasises both space and openness, concepts important for the image that Fuji Television wants to project. For the buildings facade, aluminium curtain walls were used to showcase a transparent, open-minded public image, as well as new ideas the network wants to project.

Iconic Fuji Television Headquarters Office

Although this new headquarters is built below the surface level, reshaping the previous corporate headquarters, a 36-story building, Kasumigaseki, which was once another urban reference point in Tokyo, this buildings complex design on its external boundaries makes for much more than just the front of its predecessor, a typical quadrilateral structure. Although the new building has less floor area than the 36-storey building Kasumigaseki, that was once a landmark in Tokyo, the sophisticated design of Fuji TVs new building has led to outer wall area that is three times greater than that of the 36-storey building Kasumigaseki.

The new building — designed by Kenzo Tange Associates — adds a dynamic vista to the skyline, a splendid compliment to the architecturally innovative buildings in the waterfront district. Located on the coastal strip in the Minato district Tokyo The Minato District Tokyo The new building adds to the array of innovative architecture making up the district. Thanks to its form, the building attracted public attention very early on, becoming a landmark and a landmark for the neighborhood, as well as for Tokyo.

The initial version appeared when Fuji Television moved from their old Kawadacho location to their present headquarters at Odaiba on March 1997. The closing variation also appeared in the edit which was played when Fuji TV was moving from Kawadacho to Odaiba in 1997. 

Way to Access


“Daiba” Station 3 minutes walk.

Rinkai Line
“Tokyo Teleport” Station 10 minutes walk.


Toei Bus
”Fuji TV Mae” From Monzen-Naka


Diver City Parking
First: 60minutes/500yen Then: 30minutes/250yen

Aqua City Parking
First: 60minutes/500yen Then: 30minutes/250yen


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