Greater Tokyo

Decks Odaiba Tokyo Beach

Decks Odaiba Tokyo beach is the seaside shopping mall located in the man made island of Odaiba in Tokyo houses over 160 shops.
Greater Tokyo

Telecom Center

Telecom Center Tower is where you can observe whole man-made island of Odaiba from the observatory deck and enjoy the skyline.
Greater Tokyo

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba Tokyo is a skyscraper bridge with over 700 meters in length, illuminates to rainbow color at night.
Greater Tokyo

Divercity Odaiba

DiverCity Odaiba is a shopping complex with entertainment centers namely gundam figure in original size and virtual reality.
Greater Tokyo

Aqua City Odaiba, Tokyo

AQUA City Odaiba is a shopping mall in Odaiba with over hundred shops and 13 screen cinema with shinto shrine.
Greater Tokyo

Fuji Television, Tokyo

Fuji Television Headquarter in Odaiba is the iconic office for Japanese mainstream tv with the panorama deck.
Greater Tokyo

Miraikan, Tokyo

Miraikan in Odaiba is where artificial intelligence and newest robots are displayed. Visit here to experience them by yourself!
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