Aqua City Odaiba, Tokyo

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Aqua City Odaiba

AQUA City Odaiba a mall with a variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and a 13-screen movie complex. Overlooking Tokyo Bay and located near the Odaiba Seaside Park, AQUA City Odaiba is a major shopping center featuring more than 140 retail, food, and entertainment facilities. Built on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, it is one of Tokyo’s most exciting destinations for shopping, dining, and entertainment, Odaiba.  

Odaiba is a gigantic island made up of land that was cleared by building across the Rainbow Bridge from downtown Tokyo, originally built in the 1850s for defense purposes. Next to Odaiba, Kaihin Park is a big commercial center, and it has an outstanding view over the center of the city over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Shinto Shrine Inside The Shopping Mall

odaiba, shinto shrine, tokyo
Shinto Shrine at Level 7

Inside the shopping mall, you will also find a 13-screen movie complex, should you need to take a break from shopping, or head to the 7th floor to see a Shinto shrine on top of it, enjoying a beautiful view of the Tokyo Bay. The 5th floor houses the Ramen Stadium, a theme park for ramen food, where you can sample various ramen styles from around Japan. Located on the second floor is the Gundam Cafe, where you can get some Gunpla themed food and drinks, while in the Strict-G, you can buy Gundam themed clothes.  

AQUA City ODAIBA, is a store in particular worth noting. AQUA CiTY ODAIBA, a shopping center in Tokyo’s Odaiba area operated by Mitsubishi Jisho Retail Property Management Co., Ltd., will serve up various Ramen noodles in special winter menus from the six restaurants operating in the six restaurants operating at the Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Maya, starting on Friday, Dec. 1. AQUA Ciy City Odaiba hopes visitors enjoy all of the special ramen offerings in a safe way. 

Divided into five unique sections, this curious aquarium is located inside the mall, a destination that is renowned among both locals and tourists. In addition to transport information, there are also other categories to select from on the panels, like; Shopping, Restaurants, Service Facilities, Tourist Information, and several others.  

Way to Access


“Daiba” Station 1 minute walk.

Rinkai Line
“Tokyo Teleport” Station 6 minutes walk.


Rainbow Bus
“Fuji Television Mae” 1 minute walk.


AQUA City Parking
First 1 hour: 500yen(weekdays) 600yen(weekends)
After: 30minutes/250yen(weekdays) 300yen(weekends)

Over 3000yen use in single receipt
2 hour free(weekdays) 1 hour free (weekends)


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