Lazona Kawasaki

Lazona Kawasaki Kanagawa

Lazona Kawasaki is a Shopping Mall Direct from Kawasaki Station

While Kawasaki City has its fair share of nice places to shop, the most recently popular is the Lazona shopping center(ラゾーナ川崎)of Kawasaki. The center of the shopping center is the grassy plaza, which hosts events and concerts featuring popular Japanese artists on a regular basis.

The building is well served by public transportation; visitors can get directly to it via JR Kawasaki Station subway station. Lazona Kawasaki Plaza is connected directly with the western exit from JR Kawasaki Station and houses more than 300 stores, ranging from high-fashion specialty stores, through to restaurants serving tasty, cosmopolitan dishes, and also includes a movie complex. In its first three months of operation, over 10,000,000 visitors were able to enjoy the buildings amenities.

That was the aim behind Japanese landscaping company Earthscapes designs of Lazonas massive shopping center, Kawasaki Plaza. Japanese landscaping company Earthscape. Now, that piece of land has been transformed into an array of shops, homes, and offices, the new face of Kawasaki, reviving the neighborhood. Last year, visitors to the shopping center began noticing the big, temporary wall concealing construction for the tenth Apple Store in Japan.

Near the High Demand Residential Area

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Musashi Kosugis urban footprint has been consolidated over recent years, with high-rise apartments and corporate headquarters rising up nearby, or connected directly to Kawasaki Station on Japan Railways. Convenient, reasonably priced, urban hotels and business hotels are also located near Kawasaki Station, and there is also the new addition of casual accommodations, where one can just hang out however one wants, which also offers good food and music that is characteristic to the Kawasaki City. Keio Plaza is located in an ideal location, offering convenient access to Shinjuku Station, the Keio shopping mall, many options for shopping and eating.  

For this Japanese expansion, yet another nostalgia-based chain has opened up in the Kawasaki shopping center, Lazona — relative proximity to American military bases likely had something to do with the selection. Kawasaki’s mosaic logo returned in a classic six-color scheme in this September, to much delight from Apple fans in Japan, who were treated to the most complete rollout of new stores outside of the US in years. For best results, use Lazonas custom trip planning widget for Kawasaki Square on your site. It has all of the benefits mentioned above, plus users of your site can access it comfortably right on your site. 

Way to Access


JR Tokaido, JR Keihin-Tohoku, JR Nambu Lines
“Kawasaki Station” West Exit 2 minutes walk.


First 30 minutes free.
Later 20 minutes/200yen

Over 1,100yen usage in Lazona: 1


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