Shin-Marunouchi Building

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Shin-Marunouchi Building

The Shin Marunouchi (Shin-Maru Biru), or the New Marunouchi Building, is one of the tallest buildings in the Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo. The Shin-Marunouchi Building is connected to Tokyo Station via an underground walkway, but its most attractive feature is the seventh story, which is called the (marunouchi) House. In addition to restaurants, where you can enjoy a meal with views of Tokyo station, there is also Marunouchi House, a shopping area, on its 7th floor, which has an outdoor deck.

Marunouchi House at the Marunouchi building

The Marunouchi building has an open-air 7th-floor terrace where you can enjoy magnificent, unobstructed views of Tokyo Station as you enjoy a delectable meal at one of Tokyo Stations restaurants. Located on the 7th floor of the Shin-Marunouchi building, right opposite Tokyo Station, Rooftop With Plenty Of Choices houses no fewer than 9 different restaurants and bars. 

There are not that many rooftops in Tokyo, and Marunouchi House is perfectly located and not known to tourists, which is itself a minor miracle. The outside terrace offers great views over the surrounding Marunouchi neighborhood, although the side facing Tokyo Station is a clear winner: You get unobstructed, gorgeous views over Tokyo Station buildings below. Marunouchi East is the main west-side exit, and you can get the most sense of the grandeur of the red-brick buildings that are Tokyo Station here.

Tokyo station-Yaesu exit at Marunouchi East

The two main exits are the Marunouchi East exit on the west side and the Yaesu Exit on the east side. Tokyo Station is quite long in its journey to the north and south, but the major exits are located on both the west and eastern sides of Tokyo station. From north to south, the area at the Yaesu Exit includes the North Exit to Marunouchi, the Central Exit to Marunouchi, and the Southern Exit to Yaesu, which is located on the first basement level, and a ticket gate at the Central Exit of Yaesu, which provides excellent access to the underground shopping district.  

The Marunouchi-side station building is a striking red-brick structure that dates back to 1914, having been renovated to its prewar appearance in 2012. Tokyo’s Central Station, at least on the Marunouchi side, has been handsomely renovated ahead of the 2021 Olympics. In 1991, Tokyo’s government moved from Marunouchi, to the Chiyoda area, in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. 

It is the main business and administrative center, and houses the Tokyo station (Shinjuku station) and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which is the administration center for the Tokyo government. Located between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, Marunouchi (Wan noNei) is one of the most prestigious commercial districts in Japan. Tokyo Tower The Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower located in the Shiba-koen neighborhood in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

You cannot bring your own food or drinks, but you can order at any of the restaurants on level 7, and they will take your meal and drinks to you. Ask to have your food brought to your table, then walk over to the deck, where you can finish off the day in a big-city-style. At night, a complete contrast from the scenes of the day, you can enjoy some luxury for dates and work dinners. 

Taking in the view as you enjoy your food from restaurants within Marunouchi House is recommended as well. Stepping into KATSUKICHI, eaters will be impressed with the 500 vintage Soba Choko (cups used to dip the dipping sauce in soba) displayed right outside.

The building of the Shin-Marunouchi Center itself is certified as a gold-standard green building by Japan’s Development Bank, thus providing a green workplace for your business. The building created an uproar because Marunouchi was designated an aesthetic district in 1933, in order to preserve the areas surrounding the Imperial Palace. Building restrictions, which kept buildings in Tokyo below a 100-foot tall restriction until 1968, led to the creation of the low-slung, heavily-set silhouette which occupies a whole city block, a first for Tokyo. 

Way to Access


“Tokyo Station” Marunouchi Exit 1 minute walk.

JR Lines
“Tokyo Station” Marunouchi Exit 1 minute walk.


Tokyo Metro
Chiyoda Line, Marunouchi Line, “Marunouchi-Station”


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