Marunouchi Oazo

Marunouchi oazo, Marunouchi, Greater Tokyo

Marunouchi Oazo

Marunouchi Oazo(丸の内オアゾ) is a compound of facilities located directly opposite Tokyo Stations North Exit at Marunouchi. The Oazo building, located next to Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi North Exit, includes a number of stores, restaurants, and cafes, the 4-story bookshop Maruzen, and Tokyo Marunouchi Hotel.

Just across from Tokyo Station, on both sides of the street, is the Shin Marunouchi Building, and its slightly older sister across the road, the Marunouchi Building, the ultimate shopping and eating destination. Other places of interest in the Tokyo station area include Tokyo International Forum, a convention center, concert venue, and exhibition space, and the Tokyo Tokia in the Tokyo building, which is packed with coffee shops and restaurants on its basement and the top two floors, serving many of the office workers in the area. 

The old, swanky Marunouchi has seen some massive new constructions and major refurbishments, which demonstrate the areas prominence as the financial heart of Tokyo. One of the areas in Tokyo to see the biggest changes over the past decade is undoubtedly the stately old Marunouchi, located between Tokyo Station and Tokyo Imperial Palace Station. The swanky Marunouchi Naka-dori avenue is a display case for the area around Tokyo Station, lined with trendy coffee shops, restaurants, and designer clothing stores.

Find the district on the western side of the historic Tokyo Station, which is accessible by a number of high-speed Shinkansen, trains, and subway lines. Marunouchi is bounded to the east by Tokyo Station, one of the busiest rail stations in Japan, and a terminus for several shinkansen lines. Located between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, Marunouchi is one of Japan’s most prestigious business districts.

One of the earliest modern business districts in Japan, this district is home to the historic Tokyo Station, as well as Japan’s Royal House. Marunouchi is also home to some of Japan’s most luxurious hotels, including The Imperial Hotel, the Four Seasons Tokyo Marunouchi, and Park Tokyo. Marunouchi is bounded by Tokyo’s Imperial Palace to the west, Tokyo Station on the east, Otemachi on the north, and Hibiya Park to the south.

Marunouchi Oazo has a variety of public spaces for relaxation, along with restaurants, cafes, hotels, and a variety of shops, including the gigantic Maruzen Bookstore. The hotel is frequently used for corporate lunches, and it is available for various purposes as the area surrounding the hotel is a commercial area. The area around the hotel The hotel is an underground railway, so nearby are restaurants, and the underground railway has a mall, so there are lots of places to eat and shop.

Close to Tokyo Station, and just steps from parks in the Imperial Palace and the Hibiya Garden (Hibiya Koen), Marunouchi and Yaesu have museums, as well as great shopping and high-end restaurants. This walking tour takes you from Tokyo Station, via Marunouchi and Otemachi, all the way to the Imperial Palace. Wander around Imperial Palaces eastern gardens, which are one of the few areas of Tokyo’s imperial palace that are open to the public.

Winter lights surrounding Tokyo Station called the Tokyo Station Lights of Marunouchi are returning for the season, lighting up the city in their soft lights. This year, once again, over 340 trees surrounding the Marunouchi-Naka-Dori street stretching from Yurakucho station to Otemachi station are colored with the classic color of Champagne Gold. With new facilities like the Marunouchi OAZO and Marunouchi MY PLAZA drawing in more people, Marunouchi evolution has not stopped.

For all of your needs in reading outside Japanese, head to Maruzen Bookstores Marunouchi Main Branch. What is wonderful about Maruzen, particularly for Tokyo-based expats, is the huge diversity in books that they stock. If you prefer holding physical books to your ebook reader, then you will want to check out Maruzen in Marunouchi for a vacation reading fix.

Marunouchi is the shopping district in Tokyo located in Chiyoda, between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace. On the evening of 18th, a boy of around 10 years of age fell unconscious in a commercial establishment at Marunouchi, Tokyo. Marunouchi, Tokyo, Tokyo. It appears he fell on the sixth floor in an Atrium Building Atrium Building, and Metropolitan Police was investigating the situation at that time.

The name of the oasis at Marunouchi, the oases, is said to mean in Esperanto, oasis, resting place, but everyone who was seen was moving somewhere else.

Way to Access


“Tokyo Station” Marunouchi Exit 1 minute walk.

JR Lines
“Tokyo Station” Marunouchi Exit 1 minute walk.


Tokyo Metro
Chiyoda Line, Marunouchi Line, “Marunouchi-Station”


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