ISETAN Shinjuku

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Shinjuku ISETAN

ISETAN Food Floor, located in Shinjuku, is one of the top depachikas (food bazaars) in Tokyo, located in the basement level of Japanese department stores. Based on a Tokyo-based recommendation from our Tokyo-based foodie friends, we went to the Shinjuku ISETAN Food Floor to see what they had to offer. With multiple floors of trendy, quality clothes, as well as an amazing food hall, Shinjuku’s western-side department store, Isetan, is a fashionistas and foodies paradise.

With its flagship store conveniently located in Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Isetan offers customers an extensive selection of quality goods, and is considered to be one of Tokyos most important and influential department stores. Isetan is Tokyos best-known, best-known department store; its history dates to 1886, when it started out as a kimono store.

Whether you are looking to buy some of Japans latest trends, or carefully made homewares or souvenirs, Isetan is sure not to disappoint, being one of Tokyos best department stores. Not only does Isetan carry some of the most sought-after beauty brands, it has a whole floor dedicated to natural beauty, as well as a spectacular food hall that is must-visit for both locals and tourists.

On Isetans uppermost floor, you will find an outdoor rooftop garden to savor all those snacks and pastries you have just purchased. Do not miss visiting the 7th floor for kimono lounges, and also for a less-known rooftop garden, where you can enjoy bento lunch boxes. Shinjuku Isetan’s rooftop garden includes a large, open grassy area that is ideal to take a seat and relax – or to eat an omochi box lunch bought at the Shinjuku Isetan food hall downstairs.

These basement-level Food Halls are also nicknamed the depachika, and are not what Americans think of as a shopping mall food court, very far from it. Head downstairs into the basement and into a depachika food hall, and you will find Japanese specialty sweets called wagashi, along with the traditional Matcha Tea. Make sure to leave some space in your stomach for lunch or dinner while visiting, as you will want to hit the Isetan Food Hall, which is known around the world, to have your fill of meals (or, at least, take home some sweets to enjoy later). 

Standing at around 14 floors tall and right beside Shinjuku JR station, it is easy to spend plenty of time browsing through the myriad shops found at the Takashimaya department store, or perhaps find yourself simply window shopping. When researching where the best places to buy stuff in Tokyo, I was surprised to see a ton of supersized department stores listed, but I am just not the type of department store buyer, so it took quite some convincing for me. Mitsukoshi is not only one of the oldest, but one of the best department stores in Tokyo, offering an array of upscale, quality goods, and notable food floors that feature Japanese cooking alongside international flavors.

The redesigned shop occupies a strategic corner in Isetan department store, its twin windows facing bustling Meiji-dori Boulevard, a stones throw away from the serene surroundings of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Extensive renovations have seen the store both expanded in space and fully remodelled, offering a unique, improved experience. Hermes is pleased to announce that it is reopening its long-standing shop in Isetan department store, located in Tokyos lively Shinjuku area, Isetan department store, located in Tokyos lively Shinjuku area, on 23rd November 2021, following a thorough refurbishment.

Way to Access Shinjuku ISETAN


JR Lines
“Shinjuku Station” 5 minutes walk.


Tokyo Metro Fuku-Toshin Line/Marunouchi Line
“Shinjuku San-chome” 1 minute walk.

Toei Shinjuku Line
“Shinjuku San-chome” 3 minute walk.


ISETAN Main Parking
Use 10,000yen at ISETAN 1 hour free
Use 50,000yen at ISETAN 2 hour free
Use 100,000yen at ISETAN 3 hour free

Park City ISETAN
Use 2000yen at ISETAN 2.5 hour free
Use 5000yen at ISETAN 3.5 hour free
Use 30,000yen at ISETAN 4.5 hour free
Use 100,000yen at ISETAN 6.5 hour free


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