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Anahachimangu shrine has been around since ancient times and is one of the most treasured shrines in Tokyo. It is located at the center of Shinjuku and can be found by a red shrine gate that stands tall in the heart of the second district. From there, a narrow path leads to the rear of the school where you will find Anahachiman-gu. This home to a local deity has long been a place for students to give thanks for their education. 

Anahachimangu Shinjuku is a type of Hachimangu shrine located in present day Tokyo. The shrine was built during the Edo period by Shogun Ikemitsu, a powerful figure in the shogunate. During World War II, the original shrine was destroyed by allied bombings and its foundation was moved to Johoku. After the war, it was rebuilt as part of Japan’s total defense initiative against Allied forces.  

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Anahachiman Shinjuku was built in the Toyama Campus of Waseda University in 1868, during the Meiji Restoration. It is located near Toyama Park, which was once the government bakufu for Edo city, present-day Tokyo. The shrine itself is dedicated to Anahachimangu, a Kami of Amida Nyorai and one of the main tourist attractions in Tokyo. It is located at Babashitacho and Waseda Avenue and Suwa Street. Anahachiman Shrine is not only a popular destination for tourists but also an important part of university life at Waseda University. Many students visit the shrine on their way to classes or to pray for success in their studies.  

Anahachimangu Shinjuku is located in the heart of Tokyo’s bustling Shinjuku City. Its main attractions include Keio Plaza, Hotel Chinzanso, Yoyogi Park, and the Shinjuku Pepe entertainment center. It is also home to a variety of hotels and restaurants that offer traditional Japanese design elements. The area around Anahachimangu Shinjuku is also well known for its shopping, dining and nightlife options. Visitors can take advantage of the convenient train and subway lines that run through Shinjuku Station to explore the wider Tokyo Mystery. 

Way to Access


Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
“Waseda” Station 3B Exit 5 minutes walk.


Toei Bus
早77 Waseda ⇔ Shinjuku Station West “Babashitacho” Stop 3 minutes walk.
学02 Takadanobaba ⇔ Soudaiseimon “Babashitacho” stop 3 minutes walk.
早81 Soudaiseimon ⇔ Shibuya “Babashitacho” stop 3 minutes walk.


Times Waseda University Toyama Campus Front
20 minutes / 220 yen
2 minutes walk away

Times Nishi Waseda No.8
20 minutes / 300 yen
3 minutes walk away


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