Marunouchi kitte, kitte, Greater Tokyo

Marunouchi KITTE

Marunouchi Kitte is a multi-level building located just opposite Tokyo Station in the heart of Tokyo. It consists of part of JR Tokyo Station, a post office, a museum, and several shopping and dining establishments. The rooftop garden is perfect for taking in the sights of this bustling city. It also houses Japan Post Tower, an office tower containing the largest post office in Japan. As well as being a shopping and dining hub, there is also an office facility called Kitte Building which provides services to many businesses located here.

Marunouchi Kitte is a beautifully renovated Tokyo’s post office located in the heart of the city. The fifth and sixth floors have Japanese crafts, traditional Japanese items and trainspotting photography. From the sixth floor you can overlook the rooftop Kitte Garden which offers pleasant views. There are seven floors in total, with each floor offering a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and other services. On the sixth floor you can find many popular local food places as well as an outdoor roof garden where you can enjoy pleasant views of Tokyo City. For those looking for more than just shopping and dining, there are many more restaurants on the seventh floor that offer excellent views from its terrace overlooking the Kitte Garden.  

Marunouchi KITTE is one of Tokyo’s best museums located in the heart of Tokyo City, with a terrace overlooking Tokyo Station. The 1st floor multi-museum center provides 100 shops serving discerning consumers and nightlife places, including a large bustling post office and tourist information. See our complete list of establishments, including places to eat and drink. Kitte Marunouchi is located in the heart of Tokyo City near Tokyo Station, with a terrace overlooking the station. This makes it one of the most popular destinations for those looking to explore the city’s nightlife spots and find out more about its attractions.  

Way to Access


JR Lines
“Tokyo” Station Marunouchi Exit 1 minute walk.


Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
“Tokyo” Station Direct walk.

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
“Nijyubashi-Mae” 2 minutes walk.

Toei Mita LIne
“Ootemon” 3 minutes walk.


Marunouchi Park In
First 3.5 hours: 30 minutes / 400 yen
3.5 ~ 6 hours: 2800 yen fixed rate
6 ~ 9.5 hours: 2800 yen + 30 minutes / 400 yen
9.5 hours ~ 24 hours: 5600 yen fixed rate


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